We offer professional structured cable installation services to our clients, which serve as the foundation for any AV installation. We use premium brands and can supply testing and manufacturer-backed warranties to ensure our clients receive the best quality service. In the past, we have provided installation services for various establishments, including newbuilds, churches, bars, nightclubs, and outdoor activity centres.


Our systems provide true multi-room audio connectivity, allowing you to isolate audio to a specific area or play it throughout your property or premises. Our solutions are easy to use and extremely reliable, designed to ensure that anybody can use them without any instruction.


The quality of the sound is paramount to us, and we offer installation services for all leading brands of installation speakers suitable for a wide range of purposes.


Lighting plays a crucial role in creating the right ambience for any building. Our lighting designs can completely change the feel of a building, enhancing your property and making it welcoming. We can keep everything subtle, picking out the architecture of the building and furnishings, or be more elaborate and include colour change fittings to provide more of a visual statement.

Our lighting designs comply with current building regulations and offer the best practices in relation to environmental issues. We work with clients on both residential and commercial projects, including new builds, refurbishments, and renovations. We also offer external schemes to enhance the overall appeal of the property.


Lighting control is just as important as good lighting design, as it can add a wow factor to your design. With lighting control, you can easily change the whole feel of a room instantly. Lighting scenes or moods can be created from a single press of a button, providing both local and whole-house control.

Keypads can also provide global control, allowing you to access a “welcome home” scene from the front door keypad or put the house into “overnight mode” where the whole house can be switched off from the master bedroom keypad, leaving just the landing light on outside the children’s rooms.


Security is a top priority, and we offer CCTV solutions that range from single cameras within a nursery room to whole house/premises systems with multiple cameras and recording facilities. Our integrated approach allows your cameras to be viewed from anywhere in the world via tablet or mobile phone.

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